Kristine Hayes
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I’m Kristine, a wedding planner and designer in Ireland. I love creating experiences that radiate intimacy and warmth by focusing on the love you share with your partner, your family, and your friends. Each event I design is a unique blend of my organic and understated aesthetic mixed with your personal style, taste, and desires. Every delicate detail is seamlessly woven into a bespoke tapestry that serves as a meaningful backdrop for your own authentic love story.



  • I was born in Latvia but moved to Ireland because I fell in love with an Irish guy.

  • When I married him 9 years later, we celebrated our wedding for a week in the deep countryside of Latvia.

  • I’m slightly addicted to coffee, chocolate, and the American version of The Office.

  • I live in Cork with my husband, baby daughter, and a part-time cat we call Declan.

  • I learned floristry from my grandmother. She was a self-taught gardener who sparked my passion for dreamy floral design.

  • I love practicing slow and intentional living. You can usually find me reading, cooking, or enjoying long Sunday strolls with my family.

  • I have a background in interior design, which comes in handy with the work I do for my clients.

  • There are few things I love more than seeing the delighted faces of wedding guests as they step into an intricately designed reception room for the first time.

  • My favourite wedding moment is when the bride walks down the aisle. I cry Every. Single. Time.



There is something magical about the authenticity of a destination wedding. It’s a holiday of a lifetime for everyone, an intimate gathering of your closest friends and family.

Because everyone has travelled across the globe to be together, a special bond is formed. The love and happiness between the couple and their guests is tangible. You can see it in the spontaneous bursts of hearty laughter, warm embraces, and joyful conversations with kindred spirits.

As a destination bride myself, I experienced the rare magic of gathering everyone we treasure most in one room.

Rather than a one-day celebration, we threw an unforgettable week-long party with our actual wedding day as a focal point in the middle of the week.

The build-up and the aftermath were as special as the wedding day itself, and we spent each day celebrating with our loved ones well past twilight. We were all so happy to simply be together, that every moment turned into a treasured memory.

I want my clients to feel the same way on their wedding day, knowing they can get lost in the moment because we are thoughtfully executing their vision and coordinating all of the intricate details.

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Designing wedding celebrations for local and destination brides alike